About Q

Since i was small i had a special interest for computerised devices. It started when i was about 5 and touched a computer. Green figures, green screen… what a time 🙂

Then later on when i was 8 the Nintendo 8-bit was launched. The day it came out my parents bought one and initially they were addicted, playing untill deep in the night. I wasn’t a good player, always scared to kill Mario, so i asked my father to help me defeat Bowser. But sides changed. I started to play it a lot and was the one who finally defeated that ill evil turtle. From then on i had more interest in devices, like when the Game Boy arrived. I also bought small handheld gaming devices.

When i started my own small fanclub with a magazine and clubcard i felt how interesting and funny it was to update people about games and other information. That’s why i started this blog afterall.

Since a couple of years when i earned my own money it made it possible for me to buy gadgets. I just love ‘m. Not always did i buy them for all the features it had, sometimes just for the looks. The first pda i had was a Casio Cassiopeia, the BE-300. It was a pda with small capabilities, but for me this is just a challenge. So i started to make out the most of it.

And this is what i try with each device i have. I know many devices have their shortcomings but this challenges me and make me want to tackle any problem untill i succeed.

My newest gadget is the Internet Tablet of Nokia: the N800. It’s a linux-based device which offers versatile options. Like a webcam, a FM radio, fullscreen internet browser, RSS reader, email, instant messaging, Bluetooth, multimedia.

If you are interested in getting one yourself, you can read information on my blog. If you already own one perhaps this is a spot where to keep on track with info and news about the N800.

In the meanwhile i will review programs and hardware for the N800, so keep in touch!



  1. Hi

    Re Navicore Kit

    I am in the reverse situation as you. I have a N800 with a N770 kit. Would you like to swap your N800 holder for my N770 holder?

    That would save both of us extra cost.

  2. Uhh.. maybe you got confused by the pic? But i’ve a N800 and want to get a N800 navkit. So why should i get a 770 holder? I’m missing the point here 😀


  3. Yes you are right, I was confused both by the pic and the phrasing in the text below it.


  4. No worries 😀

  5. Hey I linked to yuor site from my n800 related blog, I hope thats OK. Let me know if its not and I’ll get rid of it. My blog is at http://admira.wordpress.com


  6. Hi Q. Nice to meet another Q 🙂

    I have a n810, and love it. It’s funny they never added skype video, isn’t it?

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