Posted by: Q | July 11, 2007

Succesor of the N800… or not?

N800 Successor?

Some pictures from Engadget where they show a possible successor of the N800. Now if it’s true, then this successor will have an integrated keyboard, which some of you will like. In some cases this will be indeed practical, in others not. Sitting in the train, having your mobile paired for internet and using that integrated keyboard sounds more practical then having a Bluetooth keyboard.

On the other hand I can’t tell if this is going to be a phone. Because if it’s going to be one then Nokia decided to depart the Internet Tablet platform and use it like a phone “with- internet-functions”.

You can see a camera on the leftside and a (white) space on the left side as well. Perhaps you can insert a CF card, but that sounds odd as Nokia uses SD most of the time. So maybe the Nokia logo has to be on that part, like a shiny Nokia logo to make it more exclusive. But then, they added a logo on the downpart of the bezel. So maybe this is the speaker which u use while calling?? So that would indeed make it a phone. It looks like a HTC or Mio phone.

Also on the upper-left part you can see a white modelnumber. With the unsharpness of this pic the best i can make of it is that it’s a N99. If so, it wouldn’t be a successor of a N800.

Hey well, perhaps it’s just a success for the N9300 series. Who knows? Maybe they decided to make that business phone a bit larger, with brighter screen, adding both the good things of a N800 and a N9300. For sure now we have a bit of speculation about a successor for the N800. I do hope this is a prototype, which i believe it is, but shite, it really needs to go back to the designers.



  1. Intriguing, but hey the N800 is fresh new and badly needing to grow and expand its application base and basic functionality. 🙂
    I’ve just recently bought two and have been combing the net looking for any real signs of life around N800.
    Even this ‘latest’ post of yours is from over a month ago.
    Yes, I know this is a bit rhetorical, but surely, there must be someone cultivating our community?

  2. For those out there who were actually reading this… This is the N810, which you can see at,n810

  3. For those out there who were actually reading this… This is the N810, which you can see at,n810

  4. Great post, good looking weblog, added it to my favorites!!

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