Posted by: Q | July 6, 2007

It’s out! New firmware and Skype

I was almost fed up with speculating when Skype would arrive, but I just got up and guess what? It’s here! And apart of that there’s the new firmware update too! 😀

So i just had a quick look at some forums and for now i can tell you this.

Firmware: 4.2007.26-8

  • Skype client support
  • Adobe Flash 9 browser plug-in
  • Up to 8 gb memory card support
  • Increased battery life, specially when online
  • Touchscreen sensitiveness improved
  • Some other application improvements, like in Media Player
  • Nokia Internet Call Invitation (BETA) removed completely
  • Some pre-installed content:
    • Tableteer info applet
    • Updated Internet radio channels
    • Real Rhapsody player easy installer (available for US. residents only)
    • Piquant new web sites

The whole Nokia Internet call invitation (NICI) has been removed. Which is not a loss actually. It frees up some memory. This program was a whole disaster. With many people it never worked, like with me, so it was completely useless. For the people who are not going to upgrade to the new firmware: you can use this fantastic internet calling program untill 31.8.2007.

My guess is, now that Skype is out, that Skype will have video support (soon). There were some libraries found in the dependancies, like Farsight which implicates a possible support for video (soon). But for the moment video is not working.

Finally one of the most awaited features for the new firmware-upgrade is there: Flash 9 support. Now it’s possible to catch up with the most recent websites which use this version of Flash. So it replaces the Flash 7 which is currently used on the N800. I’ve read about some instabillity issues occuring with showing websites properly. With YouTube movies at first have to download and after that it works much better than before. Watching the movies on-the-fly, still is a bit stuttering. Orb seems to work perfect now!
Input boxes for login/password not appearing in some cases. Or crashes at Flash 9 websites….. Looks it’s not been tested thoroughly.

As for memory card support, there was already SDHC supported. Now it’s officially and it supports up to 8GB per slot –> 16gb in total! That’s really enough in most cases! You can put a lot of video’s, music or programs on that amount of space.

Word says that touchscreen sensitiveness indeed has been improved; people like it.

Battery life increasement hasn’t been documented yet by anyone so i cannot comment on this.

Last but not least: as for Skype, i can’t tell you much yet. It appears the UI (how it looks) is better than on Linux. But that doesn’t tell me enough 🙂 It’s not integrated in the OS, which is good. If we dont like it, we can kick it.

No support for Bluetooth A2DP or Bluetooth DUN.

I have to flash my N800, install Skype and see all for myself. I will post everything here!

You can grab your firmware update heeeeeereeeeee!


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