Posted by: Q | June 30, 2007

Update! – N800 Video Converter – V

That is fast! I notified Paolo (not Pablo:P) about that YouTube issue and he fixed that today!


“Thanks for your help and for article about my app on your blog.
Fixed :-), the problem was in my utility LoadURL.exe (in the zip file) that, if the size of FLV is Unknown, don’t download the Header… ”

So whats new:

* Fixed a download bug in ‘LoadURL.exe’ of some FLV files from YouTube
* Now the FLV File is downloaded in the destination DIR.
* Try to FIX some A/V Sync Problems when converting FLV files.

Small update:

As for now the YouTube problem doesn’t seem to be solved after i tested it. The majority of the YouTube movies work though, so it’s just a percentage that doesn’t download at the moment.

Bigger update:

It seems to work now! The YouTube movies which seem to have an unknown file size are downloaded as FLV. Store this on your SD card and play it with MPlayer. Tadaa!


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