Posted by: Q | June 30, 2007

N800 Video Converter – V

Somewhere in Europe, in Italy, there’s a guy called Pablo developing a very nice application called N800 Video Convertor (VC). I’ve been using this software from the start when it had some encoding issues but after some updates it worked very well.

The main goal of it is to encode movies (DivX, XviD, Quicktime Movies, YouTube etc.) to fit on the screen of a Nokia N800. There are other programs out there doing the job, but first you have to know which settings to use and this takes some time and second the output file can be large. This is what happened to me most of the times. Smaller resolution, but big filesize! Logical indeed…

The last version supports YouTube encoding. What it does: it downloads the movie you insterted through a YouTube url to your pc and then encodes it to the given settings. I tested it and it works okay. Well, one time it couldn’t initialize the filesize of the movie and this resulted in a disappeared movie! The succes ratio with me is 50% now 🙂 Pablo is updated about this “bug”.

He also added direct SRT support, a feature i asked for. Very nice indeed.

You can get a copy here

N800 Video Converter - V



  1. invalid link : http://http//

    true link :

  2. Thanks! It’s changed.

  3. true link also doesn’t work

  4. THe link is no longer aviable! so bad!

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