Posted by: Q | June 29, 2007

Skype on N800… some proof finally!

Well finally someone spotted Skype on a N800! News is that it will be released somewhere in July which makes summer hotter than hot 😛 Downside is that “camera” support isn’t included in this release. So a good alternative for the lame buggy Gtalk app isn’t around the corner, yet.

For now I cant tell that this Skype isn’t buggy as well, but I hope it isn’t. There seems to be a SkypeOut part included in this version, which makes it possible to CALL people over (international) landlines or mobile. Of course you pay the Skype credit, but it’s a bargain in comparison with normal phonecosts. So if you are connected to any WiFi spot, theoretically you can call anyone across the globe through Skype. This brings the N800 in another perspective. While it was released as a non-phone device, now it offers similar features as a phone, and more. Of course Gizmo project offers phone capabilities as well, but my experiences weren’t so overwhelming positive. Big lag and the promised MSN-talk function doesn’t work in most cases. Skype uses it’s own protocol and has proved excellent quality i can say.

I do pray that they will bring us webcam support in a new release. Besides that i hope they will update this N800 version as often as they do with Windows and other OS versions. But first let the initial release come as soon as possible please!

Skype on N800 (from JK's blog)

Skype in action on a N800! (from JKontherun)


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