Posted by: Q | June 19, 2007

Still alive… i think

It’s been awhile. I was very busy going to my country Holland and spend there some days and when i returned i had to work in Belgium. Besides that i have exams. So anyway, i’ll update some information now.

About the June 11th story: it was a hoax. Some lame guy on the forum had a fight which he had to win by making some stupid story up. He had everyone’s attention, like mine, but after all he’s just a big loser making big expectations which seem to be air.

About my Navkit: Nokia is NOT able to accept a payment made with a creditcard from the Netherlands and send the box to Belgium. After 3 mails they understood why the payment couldn’t be made. Everywhere on the net you can buy items with creditcards and let ‘m send to another delivery address… But Nokia not. That’s why i was so fed up that i left it for what it was. Tomorrow i’ll try again. This time my delivery address will be my house in Holland. If i’m in Holland i’ll pick it up from the postoffice. For now i’ll study some law.


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