Posted by: Q | June 4, 2007

First serious problem encountered – and fixed

Today I encountered my first serious problem with the N800. It couldn’t recognise my SD card anymore! It happened after I deleted 3 files using the N800, not when it was connected through my PC (USB).

In the filebrowser it only showed the name of the card, but no files on it anymore! When I connected the N800 to my PC, it said something like: “Can’t access SDcard, it’s being used”. But by what then?

I took my SDcard out of the N800 and put it in my digital camera. Here i could browse all the files! So the card itself wasn’t corrupted. Just for safety purposes I made a backup on my pc and formatted it with fat32. After that I put it back in the N800, but it showed the old name of the SDcard. I rebooted 3 times, but it stayed like this. I couldn’t access the card.

Then I deciced to stick the USB cable in the N800, boot it and noticed that a small USB icon appeared, while it was booting. My pc recognised the N800 and showed “Found New hardware” (Nokia N800 – update mode). Well, i wasn’t going to update it, so after that the N800 booted to the Home-screen. Guess what… now the old Sdcard name was gone! I put my SDcard back in my N800 and now it works fine again!


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