Posted by: Q | June 3, 2007

Navicore & Nokia Navigation Kit

Nokia Navicore Navigation kit, 770 version (couldn’t find a N800 pic).

A question on the internettablettalk forum gave me a successful answer where to buy the Navicore Kit for Nokia N800.

The Navicore Kit is a navigation software kit with the Nokia car holder and some other useful supplies, like a car charger, a Bluetooth GPS SiRF III module and whole Europe map on a single 1gb mini SD-card.

The last couple of weeks I’ve seen more and more reviews floating around the net about the Navicore kit. Overall people are happy with how the software works and the good N800 holder. The holder is specifically built for a N800; not a Nokia 770 internet tablet. But man can buy a kit for the 770 as well.

Now i know where to get a kit I’ll order one asap. Of course an unboxing movie will follow and a review. I’m actually looking forward to receive it, since I have a new car 🙂 I was doubting to buy a PDA holder for my Ipaq 2210, but now I will buy this N800-kit. The PDA holder is 92 euro. Then I need a bluetooth SiRF III GPS receiver, which costs about 89 euro. That’s 181 euro. The Nokia kit is 199 euro; I receive the maps and a car charger as well. The choice is made: i’m waiting for my Navicore kit!

Get your Nokia Navigation Kit here


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