Posted by: Q | June 3, 2007

11th of June the Holy Day?

There’s a topic going on @ internettablettalk where some guy claims he has some “Nokia” inside information about the next release of the OS2007. In other words, he’s claiming that the long-awaited operating system with Skype and the new Opera browser is going to be released on the 11th of June.

Also there should be some (major) improvements in video playback, especially with Flash. Let’s hope they have a N800 version of Flash 9 implemented in the new browser so we can watch the video’s on YouTube smoothly without using Orb. Besides that I’d personally like to see video playback from Divx/Xvid sources run smoother than it does now.

Well… let’s wait 9 days and see what happens!



  1. If it is true, Is the update or upgrade free?

  2. It’s supposed to be free of course! We are talking about Linux software, although Nokia put the efforts to make their own version of it, it’s going to be offered for free. Just like the previous updates.

    It makes their device more versatile and mature. Some people are waiting for this moment to happen and then decide to buy one.

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