Posted by: Q | May 24, 2007


I hereby declare WiFi officially as WiFa. In other words: Wireless Fatality. It’s a disaster. I dont get it anymore!

I thought i had this disconnection issue solved, but appearently it said: no no Q, i’m not going to work properly for you. Well thank you then!

Yesterday evening it worked really flawlessly. My internet radio played for ‘n hour without disconnection. My MSN (Pidgin) was working perfectly too. But today it’s back in it’s habit. Browsing works normally. Internet radio can disconnect as quickly as 2 seconds or a minute. My Gtalk icon goes green and red and green and red. Pidgin also disconnects the whole time, so it’s just something about my router i guess? Sitting beside the router with perfect reception doesn’t solve anything. Changing the channels… don’t bother. If SOMEONE has an idea which causes this incredibly instable connection, please leave a message.


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