Posted by: Q | May 24, 2007


Last night i posted about my non-solved issue regarding watching online video through Orb. Today i was browsing the Orb website and checked out the downloads section. I noticed a newer version, which i downloaded immediately. The previous version i run was V 2.00.0885. The newer version is 2.00.0903. I downloaded the US version.

The Release Notes Log

Install v2.00.0903

Released 05/18/2007

* Support for the Xbox 360 Spring update.

* Fixed YouTube videos.

* Faster stream launch.

* LAN Streaming fixed.

* Added “Disable webcams” option in Orb Tray icon.

* Fixed aspect ratio for video files with non-square pixels.

* Provide option to remove Orb icons from MCE.

* Fixed broken Live TV on Vista after PC reboot.

* Various Bug fixes.

After installation i tried to connect to my ‘great’ wifi lan (wan). Guess what? I searched for a Dr. Dre videoclip on YouTube, through the website. It loaded Mediaplayer… and then what? It started to BUFFER! Oh yeah! And shortly after that i had video on my screen. OH so much SMOOTHER video than on YouTube website!

So now i’m a happy man, for the day. Still my wifi router causes me a headache, but being able to see streaming video much better on the N800, really makes my day!


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