Posted by: Q | May 14, 2007

DHL aka Hell…

Well, i was waiting the whole day to hear the doorbell. But i did not hear no doorbell…

So around 3 pm my irritation started to grow skyhigh resulting in a visit to our mailbox outside. I found a whole pile of spam and some bills. And then i found it… A stupid yellow/red paper of DHL.

Appearently the deliveryman couldn’t find the doorbell cause the curtains were hanging in front of the windows. Omg n00b! Is the building so big that you can’t find any doorbell?

So i called DHL and the telephone operator told me to wait untill tomorrow; they would deliver it again. But hell no i’d wait untill tomorrow. So she told me to come to the office, approximately 30 minutes away from my residency. “Ok, NP’s.” I printed a plan and off i went at around 4.45pm.

At the DHL office the guy told me that the postman still had the parcel in his van and that he’s still out there delivering. Although the operator told me that around 4 pm the mailman would drop his undelivered parcels at the office! So at 5:30 i left the office, ’cause of my job starting at 6. I was very disappointed 😦

Anyways, tomorrow there’s another day and i’m sure i will have it then, ’cause they’ve got my cellphone number now. In the meanwhile i will figure out how to upload movies on YouTube, because i promised to upload an unboxing walkthrough of the N800, the iGo Stowaway Ultraslim BT Keyboard and the Carcharger.



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