Posted by: Q | May 12, 2007


Welcome to my new blog. From here on i will keep you guys posted about my newest toy, the Nokia N800.

I will receive it on Monday. From the moment i have the box in my hands i will make a video and make a walkthrough all the stuff. I’ll post it on YouTube, so you can see the video’s directly from my site! Just navigate to the Video’s on the right.

I’ve read many nice reviews about this device, so i’m eagerly waiting for the parcel, to tear it open and start using this new Internet Tablet 😀

Together with the N800 i’ve ordered a car charger and a Bluetooth (wireless) keyboard. I will feature these two items on my video too. Keeping my fingers crossed if they will work, especially the keyboard… i read some articles about non-functioning BT keyboards. Well, we’ll see on Monday!

I’ll keep you guys posted!



  1. Looking forward to your review. Mine should arrive Tuesday or Wednesday so I’m early awaiting its arrival.

  2. Thanks. Hope it’s going to be fun! Although i’m still waiting for it to arrive… grmbl

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